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OMG YAY!!! >:D

Posted by Kashi - March 19th, 2010

This post is to celebrate my being scouted into the art portal!!!
I think i might make a piece about it, idk, just an idea.
But i thank and give a toast to BenjaminTibbetts (ur awesome)
So look at his art!!! :) Its the least i can do for him.
Have a great weekend everyone!
~Kakashi1930 :3
::EDIT:: - hmm for some reason i have been... unscouted? i looked at the rules and am investigating, but i dont think i have broken any of the rules so far...
::EDIT2:: - Aha! i have been... resouted? idk how this works, but my art is back in the portal :) thx Ben
Plus Pic = my newest entry, critique wanted :)

OMG YAY!!! >:D

Comments (7)

Nice Art there. Good job

Wait, you're scouted? Doesn't look like it to me.

yeah um.... i got scouted then... unscouted? idk im checking into it :)

Haha... You're awesome! Not sure what happened with the "unscout" but I certainly didn't do anything. Welcome [back?] to the Art Portal!

congrats u earned it great artist!

Hmm... Kakashi, it looks like you were unscouted again. Also, I've received a message from M-Bot saying I am no longer allowed to scout people on the Art Portal. This is not a big deal, but maybe you should look through the Art Portal rules and make sure you're not breaking one. -Ben

:S sorry to hear that
and i have looked through the rules and I haven't broken any, so I contacted some important people ;) hopefullly it will get cleared up

I think it can be simply explain by the harsh fact of you submitting not higher quality pieces of your art :(

Like how we all know that you do fine imitating naruto from its exact page for reference but people could consider it tracing or copying, and may flag it for that purpose.

What many artist and watchers look for are originality where you form your own ideas or styles base off of what you know. (in a good quality way)

I say that pac man in that form ain't original or quality plus seem poorly creative.

That burn baby burn piece was not the best idea to make when you only made one sun and three words that doesn't seem that all good. >:3

Beary may be cute, colored nicely but having an outline of a bear with a w as a mouth and the eyes' lines being thin as an overall pic isn't gonna cut it unfortunately :(...unless you're one of those crazy-ly skilled realist artist who depicts the realistic looks of a cute bear o.O

The happy easter pic was good and had slight humor but colored and shaped out nicely. :3

Submiting the bad arts in the art portal where usually alot of ng users see...is gonna result with 3 ways: praises:), hates >:3, or flagged as bad art or copied art that shouldn't be here o.O.....Since Benjamin rescouted you without realizing that you've submitted freely without thinking twice about how it may result.

Extra tips: Don't submit MS paint in your art page unless you're a talented realistic god on it. Mixed around with the art programs you got, there maybe certain tools that your other program may not have. Notice how when you're submitting art that there a check box where it said that "this is a sketch or not and you want to show it to the art portal"...if you're not finish with it or it may appear bad art for your guts, then uncheck that box.

p.s: If you're wandering who unscouted you, idk who and I'm not it. You shouldn't try to investigate that, all you need to find out is the reason behind it.

Hopefully this advice helps you ;D

:) thx that really helps
and i wasnt investigatng who unscouted me, but why, and im working on multiple new pieces so hopefully they will show more of my skills (or whatever people want to calll them :3)

Zane is pretty much on the money.
your art is lacking, and the portal mods will keep unscouting you until you get something better.