A Few Collabs

2010-04-02 22:51:06 by Kashi

Alrighty, now that I am now well known to a couple of the big shots in the NG community (TY STICKAM) I am now comfortable in participating in a couple of collabs, which I believe I should list, not only so I remember them lol but also so anyone else who might care can see and (possibly...?) look forward to.

1. (Definetely) The Pokemon Gijinka Collab
I'm almost finished with my first, Luxray, and I will also try to do Shinx and Luxio, which are part of Luxrays evolution, and if I am able to finish those, I will attempt Sandshrew and Sandslash.

2. (Possibly) NG Pixel Poster Collab
I've never tried pixel art before, so this would be a new and fun challenge, but I'm not so sure about it yet. But a chance to immortalize me in pixel form forever... on a poster?!?! Tempting, yes....

Whew, I think thats it for now, so yeah, gotta get back to my gijinkas :)
Have funz

P.S. - W00T 5PR1NG l3R3A|< FTW!!! <--- apologize for 1337 5P3AK, I was excited :3


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2010-04-07 22:40:41

That is many collabs... :D

Kashi responds:

well , you can at least check the Super Zeroes off the list
i didnt participate since i learned that the deadline was 1 day ahead of when i was gonna sit down and do it..... so....
but yeah, the gijinka is my first priority, ive devoted a ton of time to that one


2010-04-07 22:43:55

and Doubles Showdown now... lol

Kashi responds:

ughh yeah i know...
well at least i know now that the "Do Not Remove" isnt a collab, just for fun
that'll only move it down on my list however... im still gonna make a great piece of art for him :)


2010-04-11 20:05:07

super zeroes and do not remove aint collabs, ones a contest other is an activity


2010-04-26 19:38:23


Kashi responds:

XD lol


2010-04-27 13:46:24




Kashi responds:

damnit! i was fooled lol :P


2010-05-12 13:38:00

Why do you need to spread out your name to some of the big shots in the art forum?Could'nt you have worked off for the attention?


2010-05-13 22:40:40

You should try and do the Notepad collab as well. The end date is in several months, so you'd have plenty of time to make an entry.

Kashi responds:

yes, now thart im getting my tablet, i think i can doodle on that just as easily as pencil, right? lets hope so... :D


2010-05-18 17:53:26

Well good luck! and thanks fer scoutin me man!

Kashi responds:

:) you deserved it
and thanks!


2010-05-30 08:55:41

paper drawings are the bestest

Kashi responds:

:3 for the most part, i agree, but sometimes.... photoshop can be pretty badass :D