I'm getting a tablet (:D!!!!!)

2010-06-01 22:14:42 by Kashi

Yay, im sooooo pumped
Intuos4, fance dancy, perfect
though i ordered it on my B-day (the 31st :D!!) its gonna come around the 10th.... when school ends
which is good too; after all, it IS a bday/graduation present :P
however, i wont have any new pics due to *shudder* studying
finals suck. >:(
anyways, have a good, errrrr..... June :P

P.S.~ Today marks the beginning of Hurricane season. Hurrah. >:(

Picture: Dave drew this. Lol :3

I'm getting a tablet (:D!!!!!)


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2010-06-01 22:36:23

you're quite fortunate getting an intuos as a present.

Kashi responds:

I know, i feel blessed. >:3
and i must say, after a week of using it, it is SO DAMN FUN!!!


2010-06-01 23:45:50


Kashi responds:

isnt it?


2010-06-03 06:28:55

Lucky you! Congratulations!!!

Kashi responds:

:3 thanks!


2010-06-16 17:14:25

Congratulatory fake boob pop attack!!!....that turns out that you're in gumby hideout but congrats on getting a tablet though :3

Kashi responds:

lol no its okay, lets say it got popped on the way :P
so after i finish my business (NOT LIKE THAT :P) i will see a plastic surgeon and get a replacement boob :D!
see, it all works out in the end....
gooooooood tiiiiiimes :)
and btw thx


2010-06-20 12:41:18

fuck tablet! hand drawing are the best

Kashi responds:

hand drawn are the best
but when it comes to coloring your art and making it look cool, tablet is the way to go ;)


2010-06-27 18:05:10


Kashi responds:

if only, if only danny :3


2010-07-06 15:17:39

i looked at your art and you suck don't go being a bitch too someone that is actually better than you.

Kashi responds:

and you are...?


2010-07-09 16:14:17

Darn I envy you're one step of ahead of me when it comes to the 21st century All I'm stuck with is a pencil,colored pencils and GIMP without the tablett have to the coloring with the mouse while my arm feels like it's going to shake allover the place.

How do you manage to know all the names of the Art Regulars by the way?

Kashi responds:

well, i know most of my firends' names... (i hope :P)


2010-08-02 06:27:33

Nice pic