Entry #13

Pico Day 2015 Sketchbook!

2015-04-29 19:20:25 by Kashi

Hey there!

So Pico Day was a thing that happened over the weekend, and I have a lot to show for it! I met some really amazing people, and some were nice enough to draw in my sketchbook! I met a lot of incredible artists, and in general Pico Day was a really fun way to relax before finals. Yeah, so I think I'm gonna go next year too ;D

Anyways, without further ado, here is the contents of my sketchbook from this weekend! (Warning - a LOT of pages)

PAGE 1 - Cover :)

PAGE 2 - @jackdcurleo and @Flikkernicht

PAGE 3 - @ornery

PAGE 4 - @cecameron, @SuperPhil-SH, and @lovingthedark

PAGE 5 - @HowardWimshurst, @lepy, @ethanalways, @raziberry, and two others I don't know

PAGE 6 - @Jaxxy :D, also some of my stuff while bored (including fanart, kinda NSFW)

PAGE 7 - @cosmicdeath! and @thewillyboo

PAGE 8 - @Bill-Premo who blew my mind

PAGE 9 - @lovingthedark being Pollock-esque

PAGE 10 - @pikapetey

PAGE 11 - @rikert

PAGE 12 - @comicdud

PAGE 13 - some morning-after stuff I did on a blank page in between others' doodles

PAGE 14 - @sherbalex! I got to watch him draw all day and it was awesome!

PAGE 15 - @rhunyc! What a pleasant surprise!

PAGE 16 - @Theonewithoutaname

PAGE 17 - @Theonewithoutaname again!

PAGE 18 - @Theonewithoutaname again again!

PAGE 19 - @whirlguy

PAGE 20 - @jackdcurleo sketches

PAGE 21 - @Rhunyc again!

PAGE 22 - @pikapetey again!

PAGE 23 - @rikert again!

PAGE 24 - @sabtastic yoooo

PAGE 25 - @luis, @johnnyutah, @wadefulp, @tomfulp, @01010111, @tyler

PAGE 26 - @yurgenburgen, @vidgamedude ("don't drink, even if your parents are Irish-Russian bangers" sage advice)

PAGE 27 - @redminus :3

PAGE 28 - @ZJ

PAGE 29 - @Justizzle, @notcrispy

PAGE 30 - A kind stranger who drew this while I was watching some peeps play videogames the next morning

Phew! That's it! If you recognize any of the drawings that I didn't credit, definitely let me know so I can add them to this!

Thank you guys so much for an awesome Pico Day, and I hope I'll see you again!


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2015-04-29 19:24:40

oh god, that was one of my more drunker drawings. they are soo bad!


2015-04-29 19:26:22

Awesome to see all of these up here! Bill Premo clearly had the best in my opinion, but all of them were really special! Thanks for giving myself and others a place to doodle!


2015-04-29 19:43:18

Oh, there's my drawing! Thanks for talking me into drawing more stuff :3


2015-04-29 19:58:24

Ahh jeez, mine is really bad lol
It was nice meeting you though! I shoulda drawn something with more effort :0


2015-04-29 21:20:14

Ahhh i'm gonna have to do a scan of my sketch book too! Never thought id see this drawing again! : O


2015-04-29 21:54:07

awww yee I see my dude with a hat on page 26


2015-04-30 00:51:50

AH i forgot about this, i didn't even know whos sketchbook this was. Glad I'll always be a part of your Pico Day 2015 sketchbook memories, though ~ <3


2015-04-30 10:10:31

Awesome, thanks for scanning all these!


2015-04-30 11:08:21

good thing i wrote that apology, cause that drawing was inexcusable even by drinking standards.
glad you had fun.


2015-04-30 15:37:32

Glad we all had a blast! It was nice meeting you.


2015-05-01 00:28:44

Ah! So that's the sketchbook I drew hank in! Page 17 was mine! It got a little crazy with everyone hijacking sketchbooks!


2015-05-01 00:33:26

I should also add I did page 16 and 18 too, something about tumblr and boomers i don't remember the entire conversation but I believe Sherbalex was involved too..

Kashi responds:

Oh, awesome, thank you!


2015-05-01 15:34:27

Oh wow! This is such a great idea for sharing sketches with everyone! :O
I might rip off your idea here haha - I'm a few sketchbooks behind, too!


2015-05-03 14:38:18

nice meeting you! Thanks for letting me scribble in your book :o