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OMG YAY!!! >:D

2010-03-19 22:14:37 by Kashi

This post is to celebrate my being scouted into the art portal!!!
I think i might make a piece about it, idk, just an idea.
But i thank and give a toast to BenjaminTibbetts (ur awesome)
So look at his art!!! :) Its the least i can do for him.
Have a great weekend everyone!
~Kakashi1930 :3
::EDIT:: - hmm for some reason i have been... unscouted? i looked at the rules and am investigating, but i dont think i have broken any of the rules so far...
::EDIT2:: - Aha! i have been... resouted? idk how this works, but my art is back in the portal :) thx Ben
Plus Pic = my newest entry, critique wanted :)

OMG YAY!!! >:D

Only My 2nd Post?!?!?!?

2010-03-14 21:31:36 by Kashi

Well even if it is I've been working on a few things (really, only a few, I've been busy :P) but other than that, schoolwork >< i h8 school. But anyways I'll be adding a few pieces, including my first horse! It does'nt sound like much, I know, but people are bugging me to stay away from manga, my love, so I decided this'll be fun. Check it out when I post it and tell me how I did! Thx.


P.S.~ I'll keep drawing manga, don't worry, I'll just make sure it looks awesome b4 I post it, or at least I'll try ;D.

Hey Newgrounds!!!

2009-07-05 19:57:25 by Kashi

Recently I've started to do more than just play games. I want to start making flash, so anyone who wants to help me, or if you need help, just ask me! I don't know that much, but I'm currently learning and I learn pretty fast! I've also been adding to the art portal recently so check those pictures out too!!!


P.S.~ Heres my prized Kakashi pic!

P.S.S.~ If you like my pic could you go to my art page and reccomend me? I've been trying to get in art portal for awhile but it helps if someone goes to my page! Lol, Thanks.

Hey Newgrounds!!!