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Looks awesome, Zane. Loving the perspective ;)

ZaneZansorrow responds:

It be perspective-ey :3

Pretty nice, like all of your stuff :)
My only quips about this one are:
1.) It seems that the arm reaching down to pet the beast seems a little bit short
2.) The minimal or lack of shadow said arm casts on the beast
3.) For being such a big and (most likely heavy) beast, it leaves no imprint on the ground it is walking/standing on. It is simply floating on top of the grass there, it seems.
However, those flaws aside, it is a very nice piece, and I love the way you did the lighting and the trees. They look fantastic.

AlvinHew responds:

I see what you mean. I've attempted to fix those issues and have updated with a new version.

Thanks for the review.


There isn't really a perfect line weight. It's best to actually have varying weights throughout the piece to portray energy and depth. Thicker outlines for parts that are closer to the viewer, and thinner lines for objects further away. The same weight for everything usually makes an image flat and lacking depth. Just play around with stuff until you get the hang of it. Some artists prefer to have a reallllly thin weight, so its more of just a guideline than anything else, but others like thick cartoony ones... whatever works! :P

Opkluu responds:

Thanks for the comment!

I guess I was checking if I liked thin vs. thick then xD

Not bad :)

I think the only problem with this piece are the arms. Although they are muscular, they are too small and short. Making them a little more beefy would up the intimidation factor and give him a larger, more menacing feel.
Other than that, I think you captured the essence of the creature pretty well. Good job :D

TwistedXP responds:

Now that I look at it i see what you mean. That's a very good point. :D

That face

It still scares the shit outta me.
Great job ;)

ImpendingRiot responds:

Thanks Kash!

Woo, Kinsei!

You've improved tremendously; great job.
The new inking process works brilliantly.
I think you could have done some fire in the hand, like what Peg did with the lightning.
But still, props!

Kinsei responds:

2 Reviews, I'm already doing better than usual!

>.>.... fire eh?
>:3 yes, fire, moar fire....

Very nice!

I think this looks fantastic, but for the time spent, your medic looks better :/
I think thats because, with the medic, you could spend time on making all the little details perfect, while here, you are doing much more that just a headshot (lol, punny)
Some things that I notice is that the smoke is kinda overdone. It could be much more simplified, instead of all of the overlapping and criss crossing sections in the middle. When it first comes out of the gun, nice, but after that, it gets out of control and overdone. Simpler is sometimes better ;)
I also notice the grooves on the barrel aren't really even. A little effort straightening those out could go a long way.
The texture you used is really nice, and thats a plus. One thing that is detracting, though, is where you didn't use it: the right hand (her right). It looks a little unfinished and blurry, unlike the crispy clean textured parts.
I thought the Master Chief sticker and the etching in the legs were cute. All of the stickers were fun to look at, and I like the way you incorporated them into her armor.
Another nice piece, good job! :)

Vonschlippe responds:

Thank you for the critique!

I did find it was hard to keep the level of detail under control, which is an issue I face with most of my pieces. Hopefully the next one will be better!


Your tit looks very beautiful.
Can I.... can I touch it?
Nice job Cubles! :3

J-qb responds:

That lump is my nipple.



You can work on a few things.
your wheel in the last frame in lopsided.
The lines in the background could also be straighter.
The coloring is alright, but the lineart could definetely be cleaner.

comicretard responds:

Thanks! And yeah, I already know most of this, but I don't take the time to go over the pencil with pen or marker, and all the coloring and effects are done with a mouse. Straight lines are a challenge.

Though, the wheel is messed up, you got me.

I'm reviewing you...

Anyways, it is looking good all around. The new inking is working out for you, regardless of my dislike of the procedure. Just a few things:
~I think you could use some work around the shoulder. It looks kinda pinned to the torso, instead of one continuous extension, y'know? Also, unless you shaved, there should be some armpit hair there amirite?
~On the face, I like what you did with the facial hair, but between the nose and lip there seems to be a protrusion which (at least on my face) is nonexistent.
~The fingers seem to be varying thicknesses (I mean, look at how big that middle finger is! Has it been working out?)
~The way you colored the hair on the legs, arms, and chest is a bit weird. It is the same as the way it was colored on the face, but it doesn't look good. Are you using a brush? It looks like it, and it makes it looks repetitive and unimaginative. When I drar hair, I draw it line by line. The result is much more satisfying. The time and detail you put into your work will really pay off in the end. There are no shortcuts!
~The bow on his head is also a little wonky, since its pinned on at the very edge of his hair. it should be closer to his ear, imo.
~Play around more with colors and contrast. It all seems pretty flat, but it still does its purpose. It would really pop with some deeper shadows, I think.

On the other hand, I really like the booze. Nice job!
I also like how you made the purse match the shoes. Even whores have SOME fashion sense! xD
The purse and shoes aside, I like how you made the whole outfit mismatched. It really adds to the whore-feel.

So there are a few things you could fix up, sure. But overall, I do like it!
I hope I wasn't too harsh Kinsei, and if I wa, sorry :3
Good job!

Kinsei responds:

lol The more mismatched and tacky I made the outfit, the more I liked it.

With the "pined arm," yeah I have no clue what I was thinking. That should have registered much differently to me, I'm not sure why it didn't.

The hair, yeah I wanted to get a slight dirty look with the hair, so thats kind of why it has some color variation in some areas. but in retrospect, It could have come out alot more even.
Also with the hair, I build a custom brush a specific purpose a couple projects ago, and I know there are no shortcuts, I went ahead and used it again. In some areas, it worked, in others it didn't. I should have layered more, but again I didn't. There is no excuse for my laziness.

I would love to discuss more about what you don't like about the inking procedure you don't like. Fire me a PM. I've been trying to get feed back on it.

Anyway that wasn't harsh, If anything you could have been much meaner and bitch about the lighting being off on one of the bottles or how I just noticed that I forgot to shade the socks.... or....
you know.... I better shut up >.>....

Ohai thar. I art. Sometimes I take requests. owo

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