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Needs some shadows under it imo. Maybe a little more contrast too, since it's metal (right?). If not, it could use some froggy texture or something :P
Once again, I'm liking the way you thought of that mechanism :3
great job Lulu!

Hahaha, cute!
I like the simplistic style and especially the background.
Thanks for participating, and you should definitely do it again next month!!!

The texture on the bricks and surrounding dirt is awesome :D
The bug looks pretty cool too, and I like the overall concept
He totes has a weird foot though :P

Looks great, Lego. Very realistic, and OMG KITTY :3
Yours is definitely my favorite of the flood this month <3 (but don't tell the others!!!)

Looks awesome, Zane. Loving the perspective ;)

ZaneZansorrow responds:

It be perspective-ey :3

Pretty nice, like all of your stuff :)
My only quips about this one are:
1.) It seems that the arm reaching down to pet the beast seems a little bit short
2.) The minimal or lack of shadow said arm casts on the beast
3.) For being such a big and (most likely heavy) beast, it leaves no imprint on the ground it is walking/standing on. It is simply floating on top of the grass there, it seems.
However, those flaws aside, it is a very nice piece, and I love the way you did the lighting and the trees. They look fantastic.

AlvinHew responds:

I see what you mean. I've attempted to fix those issues and have updated with a new version.

Thanks for the review.


Didn't know you have an NG too. Sweet.
<-- watches you on DA
Anyways, looks good. I like the way you shaded the pants.


There isn't really a perfect line weight. It's best to actually have varying weights throughout the piece to portray energy and depth. Thicker outlines for parts that are closer to the viewer, and thinner lines for objects further away. The same weight for everything usually makes an image flat and lacking depth. Just play around with stuff until you get the hang of it. Some artists prefer to have a reallllly thin weight, so its more of just a guideline than anything else, but others like thick cartoony ones... whatever works! :P

Opkluu responds:

Thanks for the comment!

I guess I was checking if I liked thin vs. thick then xD

Not bad :)

I think the only problem with this piece are the arms. Although they are muscular, they are too small and short. Making them a little more beefy would up the intimidation factor and give him a larger, more menacing feel.
Other than that, I think you captured the essence of the creature pretty well. Good job :D

TwistedXP responds:

Now that I look at it i see what you mean. That's a very good point. :D


This is probably one of your best works.
Simple and cute.
But I think it would look better without an annoying filter-raped background.

Ohai thar. I art. Sometimes I take requests. owo

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