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That is...

A very nice costume you've got there. However, I find it a little busy on her right arm (our right). The straps aren't really necessary and take away from the wild look she has, in my opinion.
Nevertheless, it is a pretty solid piece. Keep it up Riot! :)

ImpendingRiot responds:

Cheers for the review :)


I think it was great how you captured the moment of impact when the bird dives to snatch its prey. Great job.
The way you made the splash from the bird and the bubbles escaping its beak and feathers is just awesome :)

J-qb responds:



This reminds me when I was a baby and would thrash around in the tub :3
Good times...
Anyways, great job Fifty, its looking great.

Fifty-50 responds:

Thank you Kashi! :D


Holy fish Batman!!!

On a more serious note,
I like the lighting and glow coming from the holes, and the eyes are really cool. I wish the eyes would have the same glowing effect as the holes do, but it works nonetheless.
The fin on its back could use perhaps a bit more definition from the rest of the body. The same-looking skin/scales could look much improved with a little bit of variety.
Still, great job!

Havegum responds:

Yeah, I was at a point where I kinda wanted the eye to glow, but I wanted it to be seen as an eye and not another one of those spots.
Thanks for the review!
Happy friday flood!


I like the perspective on this one, its really cool.
However, it looks rushed; I would have like to have seen the time and effort that you put into your first attempt. It would have looked so much better.
I don't like the way you smeared her makeup. It looks like she has black eyes instead of runny mascara.

Aigis responds:

Luckily she does have black eyes rather than runny mascara. And not everyone has a week to do every picture. I'm sure you know this.


Simply put, it doesn't look like this piece had that much effort put into it.
My favorite part is the writing and footsteps in the sand, but I still have my sore spots about that too. The perspective for them is off.
As for the water, it has a nice shifting effect and is decent, but, given alll of the movement shown in the forefront, the horizon should not be a perfect line.
The clouds definetely need work. The center of the clouds should actually be darkest if the moon is behind them.
Do I see a skull/happy face on the moon? Lol :3

Luwano responds:

It really is a skull face. :)

I agree on most of your points, thanks for pointing them out. Unfortunately my horizon reference had a flat line, but now that I looked at some more, I realized it's definitely an exception and looks better with some movement.

I didn't put mich much effort in it? That hurts Kashi.... ouch....

Just kidding I really appreciate your critique, thanks!


Looking good.
I think the hair should have blended into the water more. And the strand in the front looks really out of place.


As much as the B&W fits, it takes away from the whole "water" aspect of this month's flood.
Perhaps making the water (or even the sky, for that matter) an unsaturated shade of blue might add to make the piece more interesting.
I like the hands. Enough detail to make your point. Nondescript enough so it doesn't take away from the simplicity of the rest of the piece.
I think the fishing pole could use more detail. Perhaps a more modernized fishing pole, with a reel. The pole itself should be thicker unless all he is trying to catch are guppies. Most fish can break that rod in two :P
And like I said in the thread earlier, oyu need to work on clothing. It is very questionable and bland. Learn the way clothes fold over the skin and form creases and shadows. There are many tuts out there, but you can use yourself or others, or a website with stock images, as your guide.
Good luck and great work.


dont go around using your age as an excuse. you just make yourself look like a child whos using any excuse they can so people dont pick on them. just because you can throw some lines down in Flash when you are 15 doesnt mean anything.
as for your drawing, your anatomy and perspective are off. work on your fire too.

oldGanon responds:

Thanks for the Review. ^^

well then.

im really happy you made this.
not necessarily because it may/may not be true; im not going to express my opinions on this because its just a waste of time.
instead, i will say that, artisctically, your piece is amazing, great job.
also, im happy that you were "brave" enough to post this and make a point.
i get what you are trying to convey, and whether or not i agree with you, its great, and ingenious, and my hats off to you sir :)

Ohai thar. I art. Sometimes I take requests. owo

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