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hes so damn adorable :3
i love the way you shaded it
but i think you couldve done something with the wing, its too.... flat

Luxembourg responds:

Oh, thanks, Kakashi!
I agree with you about the wing; it's a habit of mine, I just tack little wings (usually little bat wings) onto creatures I draw. I never really think about whether or not they look accurate or if they have depth. I really should have made it look better.
Thanks for the review! Glad you like it!

why do you post this?

it is terrible and, i agree with davaca: it took about 20 seconds in paint
and the worst part is: you couldnt even take the time to make the columns even (if you notice, the red is far bigger than the white and green)
you can at least put effort into something, because at this point, even stick figures kick your drawing's ass


it still is not difficult, and if you are going to post this crap you can use a tip in paint: instead of using the airbrush use the curve tool for your sickle

and Eyego stfu im american and people know that the british participateed in WWII.
The only reason we "took all the credit (as you put it)" is because we ended the damn war that Britain couldnt
just because one person doesnt understand history doesnt mean its your responsibility to call out every american saying they dont know history


when you make art like this, especially when it is this terrible, its a wonder you dont get scouted
so, as my part of constructive criticism, try somethin that is actuakly challllenging to make; a red background with a white circle and some crappy black lines wont get you respect, especially if theyre of nazis


if you add some shadows and shine to the helmet to make it all more realistic, this picture would be so much better, but its still okay


I can relate to this, being a musician myself, how it sometimes feels when you are about to perform, and how no one else exists. At least that's how I take it. It's simple but very nice, and I really like his one. :) keep up the awesome art

BenTibbetts responds:

Thank you, Kakashi.


stickam ftw good job :D and ornery is awesome no?

Rhunyc responds:

luls thanks :D

And indeed, definitely impressed with his ability to improve/play guitar.

Totally made my night 100x better when he started doing that.

opinions aside...

is it just me or does the person on the right screaming have a funny shaped mouth?though i truly hate metal (my bro listens 2 it ALL the time) your art is nice :P
keep drawing good art :) but when you make song let them be understandable >:(
(jk im not mad XD)

xcesarx responds:

Thank you! I axegerated the mouth to denote the pain, the mangaish touch of the scene hehehe. I know metal, above all extreme metal, is not listenable for everyone, it´s just matter of taste.


i set it as my bg :3
i think it could also be called "reach"
simple, yet in some form very deep :) i love it

Veich responds:

thx man.. always nive to hear, that someone likes my art


i love the style and colors
al of your art is amazing dont stop!!!

Ohai thar. I art. Sometimes I take requests. owo

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